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mongocxx::logger Class Referenceabstract

The interface that all user-defined loggers must implement. More...

#include <logger.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual void operator() (log_level level, stdx::string_view domain, stdx::string_view message) noexcept=0
 Handles a log message.

Protected Member Functions

 logger ()
 Default constructor.

Detailed Description

The interface that all user-defined loggers must implement.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

virtual void mongocxx::logger::operator() ( log_level  level,
stdx::string_view  domain,
stdx::string_view  message 
pure virtualnoexcept

Handles a log message.

User defined logger implementations may do whatever they wish when this is called, such as log the output to a file or send it to a remote server for analysis.

levelThe log level of the current log message
domainThe domain of the current log message, such as 'client'
messageThe text of the current log message.

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